Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A most delightful contest

Courtesy of a most Delightful author, and a most Delightful etsy shop owner.

To celebrate Laura DeLuca publishing her book Destiny (go buy it now, this week only you can get a signed copy. I am already jealous, I can't get one yet.), the owner of The Whimsical Pixie  its giving away an altar set inspired by the book.  I will be honest... I really, really, really want it. So everyone do yourself a favor, head over to Laura DeLuca's site and get yourself a copy of the book, and a few entries into the contest while you are at it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magickal alphabets

Writing down your intent is one of the clearest ways of, well, spelling it out to the universe. But how? A quick search will reveal several takes on what a "magickal" alphabet is, but which is best? That will all depend on you, for myself, the answer is none, and this was just confirmed by another wizard friend of mine.

Any pre-existing alphabet will have its meanings already set. Each character means whatever it means, it will carry that with it when you use it, it will already have that "vibration" (uhg there is that word again!) to it. These can be useful enough, if the pre-existent meaning is what you need, but what are the chances of that always being the case?

The best alternative is to make your own alphabet. This will take time, yes, but your results will always be exactly what you mean them to be. As someone who is minorly obsessed with etymology, trust me when I say that the origin of a word can change your opinion of it entirely. Don't believe me, just look up the word  feisty. The only way to always mean what you want, is to make it yourself.

When you write your alphabet, think about what shapes mean and imply to you. I recommend creating characters both to replace the letters of the alphabet you use for when it cannot be avoided, but also ones to mean things you are most likely to use. My first ones were words such as life, protect, health, care, safety, abundance and freedom, as well as ones to symbolize people. I created a semi-circular way to write it so that it is fairly flexible, but essentially I am left with a paper that simply LOOKS magickal, but no one else can read it, which is its own benefit. Mind you, I do borrow from other alphabets when it is appropriate, but I will not be limited by such, and I suggest you not be, either.

Speaking of borrowing others alphabets, I am hoping to convince my wizard friend to guest write about a sigil he created, and perhaps even explain about casting apple, so keep an eye out for that- perhaps you can help me intend that to happen.

Yes now I am getting silly, and getting off. Good night and good morning.


Gifts for a new home

I have some friends moving nearer to me soon, so that has my mind on their housewarming gifts. I have a very particular manner for doing things in regard to my own home, but it being someone else's gives me a little more flexibility.

So, what does a LittleWitch give as a housewarming present? Things to bless the home are always good. Why do you think it is people are usually often brought food as a welcoming gift? So they don't have to worry about cooking while they unpack is the common sense answer, but it goes further then that.

A tradition started in Europe (Though no one can tell you where) to bring symbolic items to a couples new house. Most people are familiar with one version of this popular poem through It's A Wonderful Life, though there are many versions.

Bread so that you may never know hunger
Salt, so your life may always have flavor (Or sprinkled in the doorways for protection)
Honey so that your life is sweet
Wine so you may never thirst
A broom to sweep all your troubles away
A coin for luck and abundance
And a candle so you may always have light

I'm not bringing all of that- probably just a loaf of home baked bread, a flavored sea-salt grinder, a candle and a coin from me. I may make it a wheat bread, my recipe is made with honey so that could be two birds with one stone.  Always remember, it is intent that matters most in these things. I will tie these things (loosely) together so that they will always work together in unity, one not costing the others.

Another option would be to bring a meal, again so that they never know hunger and always have the flavor of life. This feeds back into my constant need to nourish people.

What do you give as a housewarming gift? What about for other big things? Weddings, babies, new jobs, death in the family? What does it mean to you?

Kitchen Witch

I am many things, but if I had to pick only one title, I would say that I am a kitchen witch. Very simply, this means that I incorporate magick into my every day life using common household objects. While I certainly do take time to do certain bits of ceremony when appropriate, I do not cast a circle for every spell, I don't invoke deities for each charm, I don't even chant magick words when imbuing things with desired properties because in the normal course of things, I do not see it as necessary. Magick is everything, you don't need all that pomp and circumstance just to reach it.

My very favorite method of incorporating magick into my every day life is with food. Cooking is the best demonstration of the way magick works- taking bits of something, imposing your will and a bit of action upon it, and turning it into something new. Just think of how a little flour, water, salt and bacteria (yeast) can be mixed, pull out nourishment and well being from the wheat and protection and purity from the salt, heat it and watch it evolve into a bun or loaf. Of course you can add more, bread being one of the most versatile things to tinker with, so just glance in to herb properties, focus your intent, and vioala!  Your intent and a few seemingly unrelated ingredients have made the simplest but most striking magick you can get.

My friend actually told me a very clever word for this, Gouromancy-food magick. He calls my particular favorite branch Mama-voo, that being the practice of curing all intangible problems with food. He has been the recipient of a few such foods, himself.

In what other ways can you be a kitchen witch? Growing a garden is a good start, and can help again with cooking. This is also a good way to invite friendly fae in- just be careful with that! Another is cleaning, simply make sure you -intend- to purify your home of all negativity while you are at it, and focus your self in to your home, to truly make it your own- this is my first action whenever I move or stay in a hotel. Any time you make something, know what you are making it for. Knitting someone a scarf? Intend each stitch keep them warm and protected from the cold- yarn and time is all it takes you, then, to protect them even when they are far. Whatever it is you do, simply remain aware of your actions and behave accordingly. Know that thoughts are power, and use them to your advantage. You will likely still want to do -more- at some points, and in fact you should. These are simply ways to keep magick in your life every day.

What every day magick do you do? Please share, I would really love to know!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magick and Religion

This is one of those sticky, tangly topics that I am half afraid to post because I know people on all sides of the fence will disagree with me. I'm doing it anyways, though, because it needs to be said, and all I can hope is that at least one person listens. I'm not saying I am right, I know all. I would never be that presumptuous.... I am simply sharing what I believe, as I believe it, and as I have stated before I do hope that someone disagrees with me, or else things will be really dull around here.

I've already explained my brief thoughts on what Magick is, and I did it without saying a word on religion save for a brief mention to how a belief in a higher power can be useful. I personally do not subscribe to one religion or another, nor do I deny any of them. I believe that all things are true to those who believe in them.

If I were speaking in person, this is usually the part where I duck and run in search of a big scary friend to save me- the bible belt is not the safest place for -any- little witch, especially not one so vocal and opinionated as myself.

No, I don't think gods are imaginary, false, or in any other way unreal. At the same time, I do not believe that a deity of a religion I do not subscribe to can have any influence on me. This gets back into the whole shaping your reality thing- You believe in a god, you believe this god can do something in your life, it can happen. You ask your god to smite me- less likely. The only way a god can influence me is through their followers. Some people devoutly follow the gods of one religion, I'm more of the pick and choose as it suits me sort. I've known some still who "create" gods to suit their needs... yes, the god of getting the new job, passing the final and finding a hot girl. Why not? Believing in a god makes this god real for you. This god being real means that s/he can do things for you that you otherwise would not be able... for example, a friend of mine would sacrifice a piece of candy every day to the goddess of good grades in college. You can say it was just luck, or she studied hard or anything of that nature... I do know I have never seen anyone get so many passes, have a teacher cancel class the same day she slept in, paper extensions etc. as I've seen for this girl. I've not had as much luck with it myself as others, but I tend to focus more on things, the energy and spirit, and leave the deities to their own beyond just sending out a general "Thanks for all I have to all those involved".

Well, if I'm fed up and looking for trouble, I've been known to pray to "whatever gods may still claim me". I don't recommend this, unless you are really, incredibly bored.

I will also say everyone should read Neil Gaiman's American Gods... fiction has a funny way of explaining reality. Not  a perfect fit to what I believe in, but the basis is there. Also, he is simply an amazing author, and I don't want to pass on a good chance to promote him.

So, I think I explained it well enough, but I also know that I am writing this entirely too late at night (early morning?) to expect perfect coherency. Correcting any horrible mistakes I made would be appreciated. I would promise to try and write this earlier and with more brain power, but, well, I know me. No promises. But I will try.