Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gifts for a new home

I have some friends moving nearer to me soon, so that has my mind on their housewarming gifts. I have a very particular manner for doing things in regard to my own home, but it being someone else's gives me a little more flexibility.

So, what does a LittleWitch give as a housewarming present? Things to bless the home are always good. Why do you think it is people are usually often brought food as a welcoming gift? So they don't have to worry about cooking while they unpack is the common sense answer, but it goes further then that.

A tradition started in Europe (Though no one can tell you where) to bring symbolic items to a couples new house. Most people are familiar with one version of this popular poem through It's A Wonderful Life, though there are many versions.

Bread so that you may never know hunger
Salt, so your life may always have flavor (Or sprinkled in the doorways for protection)
Honey so that your life is sweet
Wine so you may never thirst
A broom to sweep all your troubles away
A coin for luck and abundance
And a candle so you may always have light

I'm not bringing all of that- probably just a loaf of home baked bread, a flavored sea-salt grinder, a candle and a coin from me. I may make it a wheat bread, my recipe is made with honey so that could be two birds with one stone.  Always remember, it is intent that matters most in these things. I will tie these things (loosely) together so that they will always work together in unity, one not costing the others.

Another option would be to bring a meal, again so that they never know hunger and always have the flavor of life. This feeds back into my constant need to nourish people.

What do you give as a housewarming gift? What about for other big things? Weddings, babies, new jobs, death in the family? What does it mean to you?

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  1. I love giving any kind of baking, but I also usually give a welcome mat so that their house will always be welcoming.