Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magick and Religion

This is one of those sticky, tangly topics that I am half afraid to post because I know people on all sides of the fence will disagree with me. I'm doing it anyways, though, because it needs to be said, and all I can hope is that at least one person listens. I'm not saying I am right, I know all. I would never be that presumptuous.... I am simply sharing what I believe, as I believe it, and as I have stated before I do hope that someone disagrees with me, or else things will be really dull around here.

I've already explained my brief thoughts on what Magick is, and I did it without saying a word on religion save for a brief mention to how a belief in a higher power can be useful. I personally do not subscribe to one religion or another, nor do I deny any of them. I believe that all things are true to those who believe in them.

If I were speaking in person, this is usually the part where I duck and run in search of a big scary friend to save me- the bible belt is not the safest place for -any- little witch, especially not one so vocal and opinionated as myself.

No, I don't think gods are imaginary, false, or in any other way unreal. At the same time, I do not believe that a deity of a religion I do not subscribe to can have any influence on me. This gets back into the whole shaping your reality thing- You believe in a god, you believe this god can do something in your life, it can happen. You ask your god to smite me- less likely. The only way a god can influence me is through their followers. Some people devoutly follow the gods of one religion, I'm more of the pick and choose as it suits me sort. I've known some still who "create" gods to suit their needs... yes, the god of getting the new job, passing the final and finding a hot girl. Why not? Believing in a god makes this god real for you. This god being real means that s/he can do things for you that you otherwise would not be able... for example, a friend of mine would sacrifice a piece of candy every day to the goddess of good grades in college. You can say it was just luck, or she studied hard or anything of that nature... I do know I have never seen anyone get so many passes, have a teacher cancel class the same day she slept in, paper extensions etc. as I've seen for this girl. I've not had as much luck with it myself as others, but I tend to focus more on things, the energy and spirit, and leave the deities to their own beyond just sending out a general "Thanks for all I have to all those involved".

Well, if I'm fed up and looking for trouble, I've been known to pray to "whatever gods may still claim me". I don't recommend this, unless you are really, incredibly bored.

I will also say everyone should read Neil Gaiman's American Gods... fiction has a funny way of explaining reality. Not  a perfect fit to what I believe in, but the basis is there. Also, he is simply an amazing author, and I don't want to pass on a good chance to promote him.

So, I think I explained it well enough, but I also know that I am writing this entirely too late at night (early morning?) to expect perfect coherency. Correcting any horrible mistakes I made would be appreciated. I would promise to try and write this earlier and with more brain power, but, well, I know me. No promises. But I will try.

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  1. I have to bore you and agree with your take on deity. For me it is very much what you believe that makes your reality. Funny that i read this post now when i am actively searching for a goddess that can help with a more harmonious family life. I have been searching for a while and just cant find anything. Been doing some long overdue reading and also came across the idea that a person can create a deity to suit your needs. At first i thought it a little crazy really. But now i am seeing that perhaps it is not such a bad idea. Sometimes perhaps it would be easier to just address "the goddess of family" than to spend ages searching for the perfect fit and name. So now i am wondering if this would work in all cases? Or would it be more powerful or appropriate to do the research? Is it perhaps seen as lazy and disrespectful if one doesn't address the needed deity by name?

    Mmmmm perhaps it all comes down to intent once again?!?