Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kitchen Witch

I am many things, but if I had to pick only one title, I would say that I am a kitchen witch. Very simply, this means that I incorporate magick into my every day life using common household objects. While I certainly do take time to do certain bits of ceremony when appropriate, I do not cast a circle for every spell, I don't invoke deities for each charm, I don't even chant magick words when imbuing things with desired properties because in the normal course of things, I do not see it as necessary. Magick is everything, you don't need all that pomp and circumstance just to reach it.

My very favorite method of incorporating magick into my every day life is with food. Cooking is the best demonstration of the way magick works- taking bits of something, imposing your will and a bit of action upon it, and turning it into something new. Just think of how a little flour, water, salt and bacteria (yeast) can be mixed, pull out nourishment and well being from the wheat and protection and purity from the salt, heat it and watch it evolve into a bun or loaf. Of course you can add more, bread being one of the most versatile things to tinker with, so just glance in to herb properties, focus your intent, and vioala!  Your intent and a few seemingly unrelated ingredients have made the simplest but most striking magick you can get.

My friend actually told me a very clever word for this, Gouromancy-food magick. He calls my particular favorite branch Mama-voo, that being the practice of curing all intangible problems with food. He has been the recipient of a few such foods, himself.

In what other ways can you be a kitchen witch? Growing a garden is a good start, and can help again with cooking. This is also a good way to invite friendly fae in- just be careful with that! Another is cleaning, simply make sure you -intend- to purify your home of all negativity while you are at it, and focus your self in to your home, to truly make it your own- this is my first action whenever I move or stay in a hotel. Any time you make something, know what you are making it for. Knitting someone a scarf? Intend each stitch keep them warm and protected from the cold- yarn and time is all it takes you, then, to protect them even when they are far. Whatever it is you do, simply remain aware of your actions and behave accordingly. Know that thoughts are power, and use them to your advantage. You will likely still want to do -more- at some points, and in fact you should. These are simply ways to keep magick in your life every day.

What every day magick do you do? Please share, I would really love to know!


  1. I loved reading this post.

    I like to incorporate magick into the everyday through housework. For instance, when making my kids' beds, I'll think thoughts of warmth and comfort that those beds will provide when they lay down again to sleep that night.

    I also like to sweep dirt out the back door and visualize negativity leaving our home as I do it.

    Does that make me a kitchen witch even if I don't like to cook? LOL

    Great blog, Blessed Be.

    1. Sounds like a kitchen witch to me!
      Thank you for stopping by